Tuesday, May 28, 2013

FC Bayern, Stern des Südens!

So where were you last Saturday?

As you may or may not know, the Champions League Final took place last Saturday night. Well, in the afternoon for me. Yay for time difference! And it was never even a question that I had to see that match as it was between my favorite team in the world FC Bayern München (closely followed by Nacional of course!) and their German rivals BVB Dortmund.

Since it was an all-German final, the German Embassy in Montevideo decided to organize a public viewing event. Obviously that would be the place to be for such an important event so I made plans to meet up there with some Germans, some Uruguayans (with German girlfriends) and one lonely American. Sorry, Grace, but you just don’t seem to fit into either category ;)

As preparation for the game Pablo asked me for my favorite FC Bayern fan song. Without a doubt, that’s “Stern des Südens”! So I had him listen to it and of course he liked it. Now you might think he just said so in order to not upset me. But those of you who know that song also know that it is pretty awesome. I think even Sebastian who doesn’t even like FC Bayern thinks the song is great.  As for Pablo he couldn’t stop listening to it and showed it to all his family. I thought that was quite sweet. I have included the song here so those of you who are not familiar with it can learn about some Bavarian culture.

Stern des Südens!

In lack of my (brother's) Bayern-jersey I decided to wear a red shirt. Not quite the same thing but back when I came to Uruguay I decided to only bring things that I wouldn't mind if they went missing. So no jersey for me :(

Now, against our nature, Pablo and I arrived early (that’s right Anne!) at the embassy to secure some good seats. After all Germans are very well-known for being extremely punctual. And also for being early and then hoarding seats with towels… uh… I mean jackets and other things of course! We even arrived too early (that was a so we decided to go chill at the Rambla for a bit, since the Embassy is right across the street from the River Plate with a great view towards Playa Ramírez.

"Und heute ist wieder ein guter Tag...!"
= And today is a good day (to win) once again...

After a bit it got chilly and we went on to enter the embassy. And we walked tight inside. At first it felt a bit strange to me as I have only ever been to a US embassy where you pretty much have the same security procedures as you do at an airport. Metal detectors, bag scanners, several security guards and the like. But we were at the German embassy and Germans aren’t as paranoid. Or maybe that’s because we are in Uruguay and everything is more relaxed in Uruguay.

Embajada de Alemania - the German Embassy in Montevideo

Upon entering we signed into a list and wrote down our tips for the game. I decided to go with my brother’s guess 3:0 for Munich. I also snatched one of the little paper flags they had lying around. And since coincidentally the flag is made up of the colors of both Bayern and Dortmund, I of course had to remove the ugly yellow part in order to turn it into my very own little Bayern flag.

After that we found some seats together with a bunch of our friends. One of which made me very happy because she had brought “Prinzenrolle” to share it with us.  Thanks, Angela!

Obviously Sebastian H. was there as well, since we have the tradition of always watching important games together. And what game is more important than the Champions League final between Munich and Dortmund. Though he was rooting for the wrong team. But that just continued our tradition of me rooting for the winning team and him rooting for the others. Though I have to admit that Dortmund played well and altogether it was a great game to watch.

Go Germany! ... and Uruguay and the US!

During the break we also got to enjoy Bavarian drinks and South American food: Beer and Empanadas. What a great combination!

And then the game continued. At times I sat on the edge of my seat but then of course we scored the deciding goal and took the trophy. With a result of 2:1 for Munich. Not quite my brother’s guess, but who cares? We won!! 

Mia san mia.

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