Friday, June 14, 2013

Somwhere in Uruguay: Piriápolis II

Same people, different day. Let’s go on with the second day in Piriápolis before I tell you what I did this past weekend.

Our second day in Piria was also Easter Sunday, which is a day I usually always spend with the majority of my family. Apart from one Easter that I spent in the S with the majority of my host family. But needless to say it’s odd not to have your family there if you’re so used to it like I am. You  can’t imagine my joy when I found out I can still skype with my family back home on Easter. I mean, even though Pablo’s family kind of turned into my Uruguayan family by now, I was really happy back then that I got to see my “real” family. So after getting up I connected to skype and got to talk to my parents, sister, brother, grandma and uncle. Which to be honest, that is a pretty small round for an Easter Sunday but I take what I can get. So after some catching up and my family showing me what I was missing (Easter cake lambs!!), I of course had to introduce my Uruguayan friends to my German family. For me it was like a connection between two worlds that are only connected by a small link: me. But it was incredible for me to have my both lives connected like that. A big thank you to skype at this point!

The Skype Company (minus my favorite brother)

But as with all good things, our skype talk had to come to an end at some point. So after that there were a couple more places to see before leaving Piria in the evening. First stop, a hill (or maybe a moull?) with the sounding name of "Cerro del Toro" which is the location of two animal statues: a bull (Toro... Duh!!) and a puma. Upon arriving there, we first went up some stairs to a statue of a bull that spit water down a cascade. First thing I was told there was that it’s good luck to touch the bull’s balls. So yes, I did touch a (statue) bull’s balls. Then we of course had to snap some pictures. I think Pablo and Rusty had the most fun here.


Uh.. Pablo... you got something coming out of your ear there...

Brokeback Mountain 2.0

Rusty trying to find the perfect angle 
[Picture courtesy of Pablo Maceiras]

After that we went further up the hill, first by means of another flight of stairs and then by climbing a little path between rocks and trees. And we came to the next statue, the puma. That one was already pretty old which meant the color had faded and one ear was missing. Poor kitty!

Born to be Wild

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur...

We totally killed the beast...

...while a creeper took pictures of our butts?!

Still exploring angles 
[Picture courtesy of Pablo Maceiras]

After that we went back down the hill which was the tragic end of one of my flip flops. I guess I stressed my old and battered flip flop a little too much. And since the situation seemed hopeless for my flip flop and there was no chance to revive them I had to throw my beloved flip flops away once we were back down from Cerro del Toro. But luckily Rusty lent me his pair so I could go on exploring Piriápolis.

Up the rocky road.. with my flip flops still intact

Our next stop was “Cerro San Antonio” where we got by means of a chairlift. Well Pablo and I did while the others took the car. That was because it’s kind of expensive and they already knew it while I was all new to the experience. And it was definitely worth the pesos. The way up was already quite nice to see but when going down you get a full view of the ocean and Piria’s yacht harbor. And the view from the top isn’t shabby either because you can see all of Piriápolis from a much closer point of view than from Cerro Pan de Azúcar where we went the day before.

Me and Alfalfa on the chairlift

View of Piriápolis from Cerro San Antonio

Me blocking the view of Piriápolis from Cerro San Antonio ;)

Awkward group picture!

The Harbor and the Silky Sea
(Wouldn't that make a great song title? I call copyrights!)

After that Pablo took me on a ride along the Rambla so I could get an impression of his favorite beach and then we returned to the house to grab or stuff and go back home.

Altogether it was a great weekend with great people and the perfect end to an amazing week of travelling. Muchas gracias, mis amigos!

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